Xavier & Associates

Xavier & Associates (XAA) is an innovation-centered business consulting firm led by serial entrepreneur, formator, and TED Fellow, Xavier Alpasa (aka Professor X). We work with top executives to help them design processes and decisions that will deliver real business transformations.


We advise business leaders on their most challenging issues and opportunities in Discovering Purpose (strategy), Developing People (talent capital training and development), and Driving Profit (financial planning and management).


Our consulting method called Process X helps clients effectively probe their issues and empower them to create transformative solutions through a unique collaborative approach. We customize processes and solutions and not merely offer off-the-shelf solutions. XAA works across industries and with all kinds of clients, whether large multinational corporations, mid-size companies, homegrown and start-ups, to nonprofit and social enterprises. We help them decide where they want to go, then we guide them how to get there.